WH-370  wash 'n wax with carnauba wax concentrate

High quality vehicle or boat wash blended with carnauba wax for a clean, bright shine with quick "beading" action.  Dilution 64:1.

WH-150-M  enviro-green Marine all purpose cleaner

Biodegradable, water-friendly, butyl-free cleaner, great cleaner for sporting and sport-fishing boat decks to remove oils, fish blood, shoe marks and other residues.  Also good for cleaning vinyl seat upholstery.

Cleaners for Marine and Industrial Marine use:

WH-573  acid-inhibited  cleaner

Formulated to  reduce dangers of more harmful acids such as sulfuric or hydrofluoric cleaners, this inhibited-acid product will remove rust, oils, grease and clay stains from concrete floors and can easily be used on most metal surfaces.

WH-152-M  industrial enviro-blue marine cleaner

Biodegradable, water-friendly, non-corrosive cleaner, excellent commercial cleaner for large boats, tugs, supply boats, offshore drilling rigs. Many uses to include: laundry washing, deck and below-deck cleaning, engine rooms, bilge areas and much more.

WH-570  hydro-S aluminum cleaner & Brightener

Heavy duty blend of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids along with surfactants to clean corrosion from aluminum, stainless and chrome surfaces.  NOT to be used on polished diamond-plated or anodized aluminum. Read MSDS prior to use for precautions.

WH-300-G  crystal green apple vehicle wash

An apple scented first class vehicle and boat wash, very economical to use with lots of foam and cleaning agents. High dilution of 64:1.

WH-400   major red cleaner/degreaser

A strong butyl-based cleaner for heavy duty cleaning needs.  Use for deck cleaning, bilge and engine rooms.  Mainly recommended for dry dock servicing.