WH-572   aluminum-clean eco

Formulated to remove oils, road film and diesel soot from aluminum and stainless steel surfaces that are NOT already etched and pitted. This is an environment-friendly formulation. Leaves a nice shine when rinsed thoroughly. Follow up with WH-360 Brush/Brushless Vehicle Wash Concentrate to help improve the shine of the surface.

WH-363  Ultra concentrate vehicle wash (presoak)

A very active remover of road film and dirt - strongest you can buy. For any wash system.

WH-380  C-Shine rinse agent with carnauba wax

Highly concentrated for very economical dilution values - up to a 700:1. Blended with carnauba wax emulsions for a bright, clean shine.

WH-360  Brush/brushless vehicle wash concentrate

A concentrated foaming wash for brush or brushless tunnel wash systems. High dilutions up to 100:1 for peak economics.

WH-310-HF  Foam-MAX Thick Foaming Vehicle wash

An excellent high-foaming vehicle wash for auto salons, tunnel wash operations. Has a good thick lather for paint protection from brush wash systems.


Windshield weather protectant and bug remover..  Also a great surface cleaner for windows, countertops and appliances - leaves a clean, slick surface.  Available in RTU and CONCENTRATE forms. 

WH-351  lo-ph vehicle prep concentrate

First step to a two-step car wash operation. Spray on to release the static magnetism and loosen soils, allowing High-PH Wash (Step Two) to work effectively. High-PH washes would include WH-360 and WH-363 listed below.


For automatic car was systems - dispensed through air injection system at high dilutions. Provides better beading time with no oily film. Available in tinted colors.

WH-410  Industrial butyl-Free  cleaner & degreaser

Heavy duty industrial cleaner without butyls or solvents.  EPA VOC Compliant - recommended for cleaning shop floors and equipment such as backhoes & dump trucks.

Do not spray on glass or painted vehicle surfaces. Read precautions on SDS.

WH-573  acid-Inhibited Cleaner

Formulated to reduce dangers of more harmful acids such as sulfuric or hydrofluoric cleaners, this inhibited-acid product will remove rust, oils, grease and clay stains from concrete floors and can easily be used on most metal surfaces.

WH-570  Hydro-S Aluminum cleaner & Brightener

Heavy duty blend of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids along with surfactants to clean corrosion from aluminum, stainless and chrome surfaces.  NOT to be used on polished, diamond-plated or anodized aluminum. Read MSDS prior to use for precautions.

wash products for automotive/Commercial use:

WH-300-G  Crystal Green apple vehicle wash

An apple scented first class vehicle and boat wash, very economical to use with lots of foam and cleaning agents. High dilution of 64:1.

WH-150-l   enviro-green all purpose cleaner

Biodegradable, OSHA friendly, butyl-free cleaner, superior de-emulsification properties for floor cleaning, engine degreasing, carpet cleaning.

Degreasers for automotive/Commercial use:

WH-381  UV-SHINE Rubber/vinyl Protectant

Premium water-based protective coating that preserves, protects and beautifies rubber, vinyl, plastics, acrylics and other surfaces. Non-flammable, non corrosive and odorless.

WH-383  Bug REmover presoak

New technology - Concentrated water-based bug remover without harmful solvents that can destroy paint finishes. Apply to hoods, grills, mirror backs, windshield eyebrows and other areas.  Can be used on tractor trailers as well.

WH-1 100-H  Parts & Brake Cleaner - Non-chlorinated

Ready-to-use fast-evaporative cleaner for engine parts and brakes on all vehicles. Melts away carbons and oils from the surfaces very quickly, letting mechanics get right to work.  California Prop 65: This product contains no chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

WH-153-S   floor maintenance cleaner 

Biodegradable, OSHA friendly, non-corrosive cleaner, excellent cleaning/degreasing properties for auto dealership floor maintenance and warehouse operations. With low-foaming formula, can be used with any floor scrubbing equipment.

WH-400   major red cleaner/degreaser

A strong butyl-based cleaner for heavy duty cleaning of drilling rigs, truck repair shop floors, engine rebuilding, frames, fifth wheels - anywhere you need a heavy duty degreaser. Do not spray on glass or painted vehicle finishes. Read SDS prior to use for precautions.

WH-100   General Purple  cleaner/Degreaser

A good butyl-based cleaner for everything from a home garage to lube shops. 

WH-200-Y Year-Round Washer fluid  Concentrate

Contains Methanol - "Year-Round" blend will provide freeze protection to -90 degrees F at full strength and dilution for summer at 64:1.  Great for bug removal, road grime, and salt and sand residue removal.

WH-370  wash 'N Wax w-carnauba wax concentrate

High quality vehicle and boat wash blended with carnauba wax for a clean, bright shine with quick "beading" action.  Dilution 64:1.

WH-152-l   industrial enviro-orange cleaner

Biodegradable, OSHA friendly, non-corrosive cleaner, excellent cleaning/degreasing properties for auto dealership floor maintenance and warehouse operations. Can be used with any pressure washer.

WH-200-S  S-S-F washer fluid  Concentrate

Contains Methanol - "Spring/Summer/Fall" blend provides freeze protection to +20 degrees at full strength.  Great for bug removal and road grime. 

WH-225   Max-blue Windshield Wash Cleaner

Highly concentrated windshield wash cleaner with NO METHANOL.  Very easy dilution instructions:  8 oz. to 55 gallons of water or methanol/water blend.